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In need of a little PR advice? Molly Schoneveld of Los Angeles-based firm SW PR Shop is offering one-on-one consulting calls to level up your business.

Let’s Chat! Latte not included.

When I’m not in search of Stylish Stays for this blog, I am running a Los Angeles PR firm, specializing in celebrities and luxury lifestyle brands. I’ve worked on Oscar campaigns, with A-list actors, New York Times best-selling authors, celebrity experts, television personalities, interior designers, and countless small business owners for over a decade. Many people make the mistake of hiring a PR firm before they’re ready. (Yes, straight from the mouth of a publicist.) It helps to talk to someone who is a few steps ahead and I love to share my experiences—what’s worked and what hasn’t over the last nine years of owning a business.

There are so many resources out there—from blogs to podcasts to webinars—that it can quickly lead to overwhelm. Ain’t nobody got time for that! I don’t know about you, but I like to cut to the chase. I want to have a one-on-one conversation with someone who can give me tailor-made advice specific to my brand.

For that reason, I’m offering a limited number of consulting packages, where I’ll give you a fresh perspective on your overall brand or blog, and give you feedback on what’s working and not working. I’ll guide you through putting the proper elements in place before you hire a full-time publicist. I’ll teach you how to create and execute an effective pitch, help you strategize your social media, kick up your branding, give you steps to creating a successful photo shoot and/or discuss how to build an effective blog or website. If you just want to talk about running a business—entrepreneur to entrepreneur—we can do that. Essentially, you tell me where you need help, and I will give you clear takeaways and a plan for what to do next.

Are you ready to take it to the next level? Shoot me an email at molly@sw-prshop.com and let’s get started!

If you’ve decided that you need much more than a consult, no problem! You can find all the info about my retainer based services right here.

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Pamela Salzman


“Working with SW PR Shop has exceeded my expectations.  Not only have Molly and her team achieved great publicity for me for my book launch, but they have helped me strategize building my brand in other ways.  They are professional, work hard to deliver what they promise, and have been an asset to growing my business.”

– Pamela Salzman | Kitchen Matters


“An hour-long call with Molly completely set—not just my press—but my whole career into major expansion.  Sometimes advice feels redundant, I know, especially with all the free resources on the Internet, but this hour of advice was nothing I could find anywhere else—so specific, actionable and a clear view of exactly what to do next and who to contact and how to do it to get a result.  That one hour quickly turned into my first major feature in a magazine, and a cascade of press to follow that I knew how to navigate thanks to that invaluable hour.”

Dana Claudat, The Tao of Dana