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Tuck Hotel

The Tuck Hotel, a stylish boutique hotel in Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles

When I first discovered the Tuck Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, my first thought was that it is much needed. This neighborhood is not exactly known for Stylish Stays. But as I really jumped in, I realized that the Tuck represents so much more than just a place to lay your head in style.  It is part of the renaissance taking place there, and a celebration of the creative minds that believe in possibility.

I really wanted my outfit to reflect the same sentiment, so I reached out to designer Ripley Rader, known for her famously chic jumpsuits, and created the perfect pairing of two independent brands both based Downtown LA.

So without further ado, I give you my next Stylish Stay. Welcome to the Tuck Hotel. Catherine Shepperd from The Life Styled Blog and I check in.

What I Love: The entrepreneurial spirit of Juan Pablo Torre, who designed the hotel himself—proving the naysayers wrong—and built his dream. Constructed in 1922, the building was a former brothel that he managed to refurbish into a 14-room cozy, cool home-away-from-home. For more of his incredible journey of bringing this hotel to life, check out my friend Jan McCarthy’s podcast “Entrepreneurial Voice” here.

Something to Know: The hotel and bar are for hotel guests only—meaning you can’t just walk through the lobby unless you’re staying there. My husband and I tried to visit for a cocktail on Cinco de Mayo and were surprised to find that out first-hand! Rest assured, however, that as a hotel guest, you will be very glad that is the case, since it’s the main common area.

Suite Dreams: The rooms are minimalist in design with an urban flare, featuring art pieces by photographer Davis Factor, brass fixtures, and a cheeky sign for the door that says “Tuck Off,” when you prefer not to be disturbed. Though the bathrooms aren’t super-luxurious, they are brand-new—with L’Occitane products. The room we had was an Atelier room, so there is the option of a Deluxe, which is a little larger. I think solo travelers would find the rooms very comfortable, but I wouldn’t recommend it for families

Stylish Sips:  The attached restaurant is open to the public—get the smoked salmon sandwich with a fried egg and a gorgeous glass of sangria—delicioso! Word on the street is if you befriend Mr. Torre, who is usually there, you might possibly get invited to the bar.

Cool Factor: It really doesn’t get any cooler than downtown LA at the moment, and the Tuck has cultivated a sense of community in the neighborhood, creating a gathering place for guests that are treated like family. It is also located within walking distance of the legendary Cole’s French Dip (there’s a speakeasy in the back with killer cocktails!), Preux & Proper, and Terroni.

Hero Shot: At the chic cocktail bar with a drink in tow.

Wearing this Ripley Rader Jumpsuit. *Though I borrowed it for the shoot, I ended up purchasing it I liked it so much!

The Tuck Hotel, a stylish boutique hotel in Downtown Los Angeles

Catherine and I have similar taste, bonding over (what else?) hotels—becoming fast friends. A stylist by profession, check out her blog The Life Styled  for fashion tips and inspiration.

Tuck Hotel.  820 S Spring St, Los Angeles,  CA 90014.  213-947-3815

Photos by Ashley Burns Photography

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    Sandra Zaninovich
    June 15, 2017 at 3:48 pm

    Thanks for ferreting out the best in our own city, something most of us never bother to do. Thankfully we have you to do it for us! And I cannot get over how phenomenal your photos always are. It makes me feel like never posting another photo again :-)!

    • Reply
      June 15, 2017 at 4:32 pm

      Thank you so much! I actually did have a real photographer for this one and a lot of others. Though I’ve made it my mission to get better at taking them. Thanks for noticing 🙂 x

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