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Move Over Dust…An Oasis Awaits

royal-palmsI’m not really a “desert person.”  Sure, the sunsets are spectacular, and if you like cacti then I suppose you can find some pretty amazing Saguaro specimens… But, I tend to prefer lush, green surroundings.  In short—I like grass, flowers and babbling streams.

One sweltering Sunday morning, when I couldn’t be bothered to slave over a hot stove and produce breakfast, my fiance decided to treat me to brunch at the Royal Palms Hotel in Phoenix.  As we pulled into the resort, I was immediately taken with the stunning Spanish style architecture, and the charming gardens.  I felt as if we had been transported out of the dusty, dry desert and into a tropical oasis.

Brunch was delicious – a Mediterranean inspired buffet within the on-site restaurant, T. Cook’s.  We happily sipped mimosas on the outdoor terrace, while dining on crab legs, Eggs Benedict and freshly prepared pastries.

royal-palms-hammockFollowing our meal, we snuck off to explore the hotel grounds.  We walked through long, tiled hallways filled with old world antiques, and under blooming arches of bougainvillea and trailing honeysuckle. I spied a perfectly weathered bench, tucked underneath a shade tree in a secluded corner and made a mental note to come back with a good book (and another mimosa!).

While some of the other hotels in Phoenix might be considered more “hip,” if you want a truly luxurious, tranquil experience, The Royal Palms takes the cake.  If you’re a local like me, find an excuse to take advantage of the grounds – whether it’s a Sunday brunch at T. Cook’s, a spa appointment, or a glass of wine at sunset.  If you’re an out of town visitor, looking for accommodations, book a casita and invite me over (I promise to clear my calendar)!

Royal Palms Hotel.  5200 East Camelback Road.  Phoenix, AZ. 602-840-3610



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    June 12, 2009 at 8:15 am

    I’m might be booking a casita July 10th – 12th, just giving you a heads up, clear your calender! Woot!


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    June 12, 2009 at 9:04 am

    Funny, Funny, Ha Ha!!! Who will perform the Napoleon Dynamite dance at my wedding then???

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