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Drinks at the Beekman Hotel

New  York, New York

I was in New York all last week for a press tour, and spent one day walking around Central Park without a coat, and the next day battling a snowstorm that left me in the city for an extra night! Through all the madness, I managed to meet up with several friends to eat the best fried chicken at The Dutch, tomato bread at Mario Batalli’s newest restaurant La Sierena (Pro tip: if you want to have Spanish tapas, they only serve them at the bar. I had to pitch a hissy fit for tomato bread in the main dining room.), and was treated to canelès at Dominique Ansel’s Bakery. But the crème de la crème was drinks at a new boutique hotel called The Beekman.

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0 In Hotels/ Los Angeles

Along that California Coast


Last weekend, we celebrated my client’s wedding at Terranea Resort, the only luxury resort in Los Angeles County. I had heard about it for years, but for some reason, we had yet to visit. Located in Rancho Palos Verdes, you feel like you are a million miles from the manic energy of LA, where the beauty of nature is preserved and the cliffs meet the sea for views I thought only existed in northern California.

*TYL Reports*

What I Loved: The Spa. You can get a day pass at the spa just to use the facilities, which includes a coed outdoor pool with fire pits, and outdoor hot tubs/steam rooms/saunas in both the men’s and women’s dressing areas. I do recommend splurging on a massage, though—it was incredible!

What Disappointed Me: The food. We ate at Nelson’s, Bashi, and the Spa Cafe, and everything just felt like overpriced, mediocre resort food—i.e. their avocado toast was just toast topped with guacamole. We decided not to splurge on Mar’cel for that reason.

What I’m Going to be a Snob About: The decor. Though Terranea opened in 2008, it is already in need of a revamp. Our Casita room had a gorgeous view, and a very nice bathroom, but the decor itself was bland and uninspired.

Where to Get the Hero Shot: An overhead shot just above Cielo Point where the pool meets the seaside cliffs.

Final Thoughts: Terranea is really great for families. They have multiple pools, though the beautiful adults-only Vista pool, is closed until summer. There are lots of activities to entertain kids, and there is a beautiful 9-hole golf course. Though it could use some improvements, I would return for the spa and the views.

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8 In Carry-On/ Wear

FLT #015

I had the first of several destination weddings this past weekend, and when I’m traveling to resorts with pools, a great tote is essential. Not only does it elevate your outfit to resort chic, but it gives you room for all those books you’ve been meaning to read—and of course, sunscreen. This one pictured by Adornlee is so roomy, I even managed to fit my whole camera bag in it. And when your tote looks this good, you’re going to want to get a photo.  Whether you’re road tripping, flying off to exotic islands, or walking to your neighborhood pool, here are my favorite totes that offer form and function—even as a bonus carry-on.

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2 In Eat + Drink/ Los Angeles

Malibu Farm Life

You know me, I love the glamorous farm life. So when my parents came for a visit last weekend, I decided we would make the drive to Malibu for lunch at Malibu Farm. The first thing you should know is that, generally speaking, my experience with restaurants along the Pacific Coast Highway has been with overpriced, underwhelming tourist traps, where you are really just paying for the view. Oh, how things have changed! From the on-trend bright and airy decor with drool-worthy tile to killer cocktails and amazing food, you need to put Malibu Farm on your list—whether you are visiting LA or you’re a local just looking for something to do this weekend. Get the sea bass sandwich with artichoke aioli and a round of Bloody Marys. The view is just a bonus.

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FLT # 014

As a celebrity publicist, I can tell you that if you’re going to get caught by the paparazzi in the super market parking lot, your saving grace is likely to be a great pair of sunglasses. It’s the same with travel photos. After schleping around sight-seeing all day, who has time to make sure they are freshly powdered with perfect eye-makeup? Not me! For the fastest way to appear ready for your close-up, you need something to block the grime—and the glare. My favorite pair of sunglasses right now are these Ray-Bans, but as one of my favorite accessories, I’m always on the search for the next best thing. With the Spring 2017 trends ranging from classic aviators to oversized in every color imaginable, here are the looks I’ll be packing in my carry-on.

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2 In Carry-On/ Wear

FLT #013

While of course I dream of twirling along the streets of Paris in really expensive heels ala Carrie Bradshaw, let’s get real.  If you’re going to be walking more than from the car to the restaurant, you need a comfortable pair of shoes. I fell in love with Supergas a few years ago—in fact, on my trip to Paris. They are light-weight, really comfortable, and look stylish paired with both jeans and dresses. The key to not getting blisters is to get yourself some skimmers—these are my favorites. Whether you are globe-trotting or just playing tourist in your own city, a great pair of sneakers will be your most practical and versatile wardrobe staple. They’re also the first thing I pack in my carry-on.

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