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FLT #018

This season is all about embellished slides, and there are some AH-mazing styles, let me tell you! I bought these feathery beauties to wear to an upcoming destination wedding, where heels were gently discouraged due to the grassy location. From super luxurious Chanel to more affordable brands, think of them as jewelry for your feet. Just make sure to keep the rest of your outfit rather basic, so the shoes make the statement. I plan to wear these with jeans and a t-shirt during the day and with skirts and dresses on warm summer nights. No matter the city, you’re sure to be the the belle of the ball. Here are all the styles I’m loving for my carry-on.

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FLT #017

If you live in LA, you know that denim is the official uniform. I own more pairs of jeans than anything else in my closet. Spring trends range from the step hem style I’m wearing now, to frayed edges and high waists. Because I wear jeans almost every day, I would rather invest in a great pair that fit well, than a special occasion dress I will only wear a couple of times.  No matter where you are in the world, denim will take you from a day of sightseeing to a night on the town if you choose your styles wisely. Here are the looks I’m currently coveting for my carry-on.

***My favorite store Shopbop is having their event of the season! Click here and  use code EVENT17 to get up to 25% off including denim! ***

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The Joule of Dallas

Last week, I traveled to Dallas for a very lucky two days of part work, part pleasure. It just so happened that my long time clients Chris and Heidi Powell were speaking at an event orchestrated by one of my very nearest and dearest, so I decided to tag along. You may know Chris and Heidi as the transformation specialists from “Extreme Weight Loss” on ABC, and they have just developed a digital platform called Transform with Chris and Heidi, making it possible for everyone to have access to their programs at the touch of a button. So while I was really in Dallas for the topic of transformation, I blocked out a morning to visit a revitalized 1920s neo-Gothic landmark building transformed (see what I did there?) into an art-centric luxury boutique hotel with a rooftop infinity pool and a world-class spa. Welcome to  The Joule.

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Drinks at the Hollywood Roosevelt

Library Bar, Hollywood

To step inside the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel is like stepping back in history to when one would never dream of wearing jeans and sneakers to a sexy cocktail bar draped in velvet. But this is LA circa now, and since anything goes, I did just that. While there are many options to have drinks at this hotel, the hidden gem is the cozy Library Bar, where your wish is their command. There is no menu, so come prepared to chat with the mixologist about something other than your dating/marriage woes—you know, like your cocktail preferences.

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1 In Los Angeles

City of Stars

The TYL Guide to Hollywood Blvd.

My parents recently came for a visit during Oscar weekend. When they expressed interest in going to Hollywood Blvd. to see where the awards would take place, I thought…you have got to be kidding. We Angelenos find Hollywoood Blvd. completely insufferable on a normal daynever mind when it’s blocked off, more impossible to park, and even more full of tourists trying to get a glimpse of the red carpet. That said, there are times when you’ll find yourself there, whether you have friends in town, or you are the friend in town that wants to see the stars! For those times, here is my guide to the hidden gems and secret tricks in and around Hollywood Blvd. that will make the experience way more enjoyable.

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FLT #016

I love packing tops that can easily be dressed up or down, because space. I took this striped blouse on my trip to New York last week, and it pulled together my work attire, yet didn’t look too stuffy for drinks at a really cool bar. You can wear it alone, with a blazer, or a leather jacket that will take you from day to night. Whether you choose to elevate a simple t-shirt, or try the spring trend of ruffles and bell sleeves, stripes will always look classic and chic. Here are the looks I’m loving right now for my carry-on.

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Drinks at the Beekman Hotel

New  York, New York

I was in New York all last week for a press tour, and spent one day walking around Central Park without a coat, and the next day battling a snowstorm that left me in the city for an extra night! Through all the madness, I managed to meet up with several friends to eat the best fried chicken at The Dutch, tomato bread at Mario Batalli’s newest restaurant La Sierena (Pro tip: if you want to have Spanish tapas, they only serve them at the bar. I had to pitch a hissy fit for tomato bread in the main dining room.), and was treated to canelès at Dominique Ansel’s Bakery. But the crème de la crème was drinks at a new boutique hotel called The Beekman.

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