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5 In Jet Set/ Los Angeles

TYL Guide to the L.A. Arts District

Hauser & Wirth Art Gallery

My old client, Hammer and Spear, first introduced me to the L.A. Arts District four years ago, when they moved to the neighborhood, befriended everyone, and became a design destination and representation of what was to come. They knew the owner of Bestia and could get a table any night of the week, when it was the hardest reservation to snag in town. They met a local photographer—who they later partnered with—to form a printing company that pays homage to the neighborhood. They launched Saint Rita Parlor, a hand-crafted eyewear company made in DTLA, and have since helped propel the careers of other artists and designers with unique perspectives and stories. But this isn’t just a story about Hammer and Spear. It’s a story about why the Arts District has quickly become the most vibrant, creative neighborhood in the country right now. The foundation was built on community.

In a world full of big box retailers and cookie-cutter experiences, DTLA is full of talented individuals who had a vision for creating something local. Read on for a roundup of my favorite independent shops, bars, and restaurants that are all walkable in a city that rarely recommends walking anywhere.

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2 In Carry-On/ Wear

FLT #023

J. Brand White Denim Jacket

Despite the Palm Trees making LA seem like a tropical location, we are very much a desert, where the temps vary drastically from morning to night making it hard to dress for the summer season. When the sun goes down, you definitely need a layer, no matter the time of year. I’m very much a sweater girl, but when I saw this J.Brand White Denim Jacket, I had to have it. Pair it with blue jeans for a chic double denim look, or with flowy sundresses after a day at the beach.  It’s the perfect layer to carry you through the summer months no matter where you are traveling in the world.  It’s also a classic piece that you’re sure to wear for years to come. Here are the white denim jacket looks I’m loving for my carry-on.

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2 In Hotels/ Los Angeles/ Stylish Stays

Tuck Hotel

The Tuck Hotel, a stylish boutique hotel in Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles

When I first discovered the Tuck Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, my first thought was that it is much needed. This neighborhood is not exactly known for Stylish Stays. But as I really jumped in, I realized that the Tuck represents so much more than just a place to lay your head in style.  It is part of the renaissance taking place there, and a celebration of the creative minds that believe in possibility.

I really wanted my outfit to reflect the same sentiment, so I reached out to designer Ripley Rader, known for her famously chic jumpsuits, and created the perfect pairing of two independent brands both based Downtown LA.

So without further ado, I give you my next Stylish Stay. Welcome to the Tuck Hotel. Catherine Shepperd from The Life Styled Blog and I check in.

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2 In Carry-On/ Wear

FLT #022

“I’m Ride or Die (Until About 9PM or So)”

So I’ll admit I got suckered by an Instagram ad with this “Ride or Die” shirt, but I have no shame in saying that it pretty much sums me up! And if there’s one thing I live in more than jeans, it’s a t-shirt. We love our graphic tees in L.A. and find them appropriate attire no matter the occasion—meaning we are a casual city. That said, styled right, I think you can get away with them while traveling too. Thrown on under a leather jacket like I did here, and you’ve got a night on the town. Pair that J.Crew Vacation Tee with a little skirt, and you’re ready for an island adventure. Comfortable, affordable, and yes, the “fabric of our lives,” there’s nothing cooler than printed cotton. Take a look at the styles I’m loving for my carry-on.

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15 In Eat + Drink

Kitchen Matters

Saturday Chopped Salad by Pamela Salzman

Saturday Chopped Salad from Kitchen Matters

I am so excited to share the news that my client Pamela Salzman’s first cookbook, called Kitchen Matters, is officially out today! Pamela is one of those rare clients whom my former business partner Jenn and I stalked on Instagram, emailed, and basically harassed until she agreed to work with us almost three years ago. Jenn and I both love to cook, and found daily inspiration from her blog and social media long before we knew her.

Pamela is the wife you wish you had—and certainly, I wish I had. She is a mother of three, a teacher, a businesswoman, a recipe developer, a chef, a holistic health counselor, and defines the word influencer. She has created a community of dedicated students, teaching people from all walks of life how to get into their kitchens and make dinner for their families using whole foods—avoiding fad diets—and inspiring you to eat healthfully without sacrificing flavor or spending a fortune. I can honestly tell you that I cook from her recipes multiple times every week, am obsessed with her dinner planner, and am totally in awe of how she refused to hear the word “no” when she set out to write her first book. She worked endlessly for over a year, and the result is a culmination of her favorite recipes, meal-prepping tips, and the answers to questions she hears over and over in home kitchens. While I’m not one to shy away from trying uber complicated dishes in restaurant-chef cookbooks, Kitchen Matters is the one I will turn to most days of the week. And so should you. Read on for a little taste of the Summer Chopped Salad!

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1 In Los Angeles/ Wear

Summer Play List

This Yuppie LIfe Blogger Molly Schoneveld Photographed at the Walt Disney Concert Hall + 10 Things to Do in Los Angeles Before the End of Summer.

Can you believe the first day of summer is almost here?! Last Friday started our first “Summer Friday,” which means I close my office at 1p.m.—something most of the entertainment industry has adopted—and it rocks! I’m basically living for our European extravaganza in August, but I decided to make a list of all the things I want to do in LA before then. Topping my list includes going to the Barnsdall Fridays wine night, and finally seeing Gustavo Dudamel conduct the LA Phil. Scroll down for my full summer “play list” of things to do in Los Angeles this summer! What are you looking forward to?

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0 In Carry-On/ Wear

FLT #021

This Yuppie Life showcasing the Round Basket Trend for summer in Los Angeles.

The first day of summer is almost here, which means I’ve been shopping—admittedly a little too much—for those perfect travel pieces. I was so excited to find this Round Basket Bag, a big trend this year that just screams vacation. I’m envisioning myself right now wearing it crossbody while I ride a little bicycle in the Italian countryside, aren’t you?! But that’s the great thing about fashion. It can transport you to places and evoke feelings or moods just by the simple act of wearing it. While I still love my investment crossbody bag, a basket bag is a more affordable way to look both classic and stylish at once. Here are the basket bags I’m loving for my carry-on.

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